Want to try DVC before buying? Need extra points for a vacation? From time to time we have owners with points to rent and will happily connect you.  Current inventory for confirmed DVC reservations are below. If one of these works for you or if you’d like to request a different reservation, please fill out the form below and one of our team members will be in touch shortly. Happy Vacationing!

DVC Reservations for Rent

01/26/2201/31/22Saratoga Springs51 BedroomStandard5$1,560.00
01/26/2201/28/22Animal Kingdom22 BedroomSavanna View9$936.00
1/28/221/29/22Saratoga Springs11 BedroomStandard
(Hearing Accessible)
03/27/2203/31/22Polynesian4Deluxe StudioLake View5$2,128.00
04/09/2204/16/22Old Key West7Deluxe StudioStandard4$2,945.00
04/10/2204/14/22Polynesian Villas4Deluxe StudioLake View5$3,040.00
04/10/2204/16/22Saratoga Springs6Deluxe StudioStandard4$2,470.00
04/15/2204/22/22BoardWalk 7Deluxe StudioGarden/Pool View5PENDING

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