The most popular form of financing on the resale market is a small home equity loan or signature loan with your local bank. You may also contact the below lenders of funds for timeshares. They are independent companies so you will need to contact them for the most current rates and terms.

 Monera FinancialVacation Club LoansLightStream
Loan Terms1 to 10 Years1 to 7 Years2 to 7 Years
Down Payment RequiredTypically 5% to 30% (depending on purchase terms)20%None
Interest Rate9.9% to 15.9% (depending on down payment and length of term)9.75% to 15.9% (depending on credit score and loan terms)6.24% to 15.44% (depending on credit score and loan terms)
Credit CheckNoYesYes
Monthly Service FeeNoNoNo
Properties FinancedFlorida DVC PropertiesAll PropertiesAll Properties
Pre-Payment PenaltyNoNoNo
Loan Minimum$4,000None$5,000
Loan Origination Fee$199NoneNone
Type of LoanMortgageMortgagePersonal Loan
DVC Loan Calculator

For California, Hawaii and South Carolina properties, finance options are also available with:

*The above information is deemed accurate but not guaranteed. For the most current rates and terms, its best to contact the lenders directly. Revised: 2/28/19