January 2016: DVC ROFR & Resales Data

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DVC ROFR data January 2016

Part of every resale purchase is Disney’s Right of First Refusal (ROFR) which takes approximately 30 days from the date contracts are submitted to DVC. Below you will find sales and ROFR data from offers that were accepted during the month of January. We strive to inform all buyers and sellers of current market conditions and because of that, we typically run a very low “buy-back” rate around 5%. This month we saw a slightly higher rate with 8% of total sales exercised (purchased by Disney) and 92% of sales approved. If you have any questions about Disney’s ROFR or the resale process, please contact us at team@resalesdvc.com

Animal Kingdom $85
Bay Lake Tower $118 100 points at $115, 300 points at $120
Beach Club Villas $115
Boardwalk Villas $108
Grand Californian $148
Grand Floridian $142
Hilton Head $65
Old Key West $75 300 points at $70
Polynesian $152
Saratoga Springs $87 220 points at $85, 180 points at $84
Vero Beach $55 150 points at $55
Wilderness Lodge $83

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Kinn is a Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker and co-owner of Garden Views Realty, Inc (ResalesDVC.com). He has been working alongside his mother Jaki and specializing in the resale of Disney Vacation Club timeshare since 2000.