• Listing ID#:
  • 7VB27
  • Resort:
  • Vero Beach Resort
  • Points:
  • 400
  • Use Year:
  • Mar
  • Points Available:
  • 270 points for 2020 + 400 for 2021 + 400 for 2022
  • March 2020: 270 points
  • March 2021: 400 points
  • March 2022: 400 points

  • Price per Point:
  • $59
  • Price:
  • $23,600
  • Closing Costs*:
  • $650
  • Dues Per Point:
  • $9.48
  • Expiration Date:
  • 2042
  • Additional Info:
  • Can close after 3/21/19

Make An Offer

The first step to becoming a member is to submit your offer. There are three financial components to an official offer:

  • per point price
  • closing costs (traditionally, buyers pay closing costs due to sellers paying the sales commission)
  • current year dues (typically, during Right of First Refusal, Disney likes to see buyers contributing towards current year dues when receiving current year points).

To make an offer, fill out the form below and we will confirm receipt of your offer shortly. Once we have confirmed receipt of your offer, we will immediately present your offer to the seller. Please be aware that the DVC market is very active and we are duty bound to present all offers until the seller has accepted an offer or until a full price offer has come in.

Closing Costs

Closing costs are an estimate only. The closing costs on most DVC resales will vary depending on the dollar amount of purchase. These costs will include title search, title insurance, administrative fees and recording fees (deed and any other pertinent documents). The closing costs are paid to the title company or attorney at closing. If you are financing your purchase, additional fees charged by the lender will range from $400-$450.

Resale Policy

Please read before making an offer: Your Disney Vacation Club points purchased on resale can be used for accommodations at all DVC resorts, as well as for RCI exchanges (World Passport). Members who purchase from anyone other than Disney, on or after March 21, 2011, are not be eligible to use their DVC points to make reservations for the Concierge or Disney Collection options such as Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, or select Disney resorts. Further, as of April 4, 2016, you will not have access to other DVC incidental benefits (also known as Membership Extras) such as Member discounts on dining, shopping, Member-exclusive events, and certain special Member offers. Effective February 25, 2018, to be eligible for Membership Extras, Members must own and maintain a minimum of 75 Vacation Points purchased directly from Disney Vacation Development, Inc. All Members who are eligible for Membership Extras as of February 24 will not be impacted by the 75-Vacation Point requirement, as long as they continue to meet the previously implemented eligibility requirements. Do not purchase your Ownership Interest in reliance on access to or the ability to transfer these Disney Vacation Club incidental benefits. Incidental benefits may be limited, modified, supplemented, or terminated at any time. CHANGES TO DVC RESALE POLICY: WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

The Buying Process

When an offer is accepted, we prepare the contracts and email them to you. At this time, you will need to sign and return the contracts to us and also send your deposit to the title company. Once signed contracts are received and a deposit is on record with the closing company, we then forward all contracts to Disney to start the ROFR process.

It takes Disney approx. 30 days to approve a sale. When Disney approves your contract, it then takes approx. 4 weeks for the title company to get the transaction to closing. At closing, the remainder due will need to be a certified bank check or bank wire transfer to the title company (international buyers). Once the sale has closed, it takes Disney approx. 14 days to set up your new membership. Its a very easy process for buyers and we keep you updated every step of the way!

For your protection, all closings are handled by licensed, bonded, and insured title companies and/or real estate attorneys well-versed in DVC closings.