Want to try DVC before buying? Need extra points for a vacation? We have owners with points to rent and will happily connect you.

  • For reservations now through Aug 1, 2021:
    Rates start at $16.00 per point
  • Home Priority Bookings (booked 7-11 months in advance):
    Rates start at $20.00 per point

Current inventory for confirmed DVC reservations are below. If one of these works for you or if you’d like to request a different reservation, please fill out the form below and one of our team members will be in touch shortly. Happy Vacationing!

DVC Reservations for Rent

05/30/2205/31/22Saratoga Springs11-Bedroom VillaStandard5$468.00
05/30/2205/31/22Bay Lake Tower11-Bedroom VillaLake View5$630.00
05/31/2206/01/22Animal Kingdom-Kidani1Deluxe StudioSavanna View4$288.00
06/22/2206/24/22BoardWalk Villas2Deluxe StudioGarden/Pool5$544.00
06/24/2206/26/22Boulder Ridge Villas2Deluxe StudioStandard5$576.00
07/03/2207/06/22Vero Beach32-Bedroom VillaStandard9$2,052.00
07/29/2207/30/22Polynesian Villas1Deluxe StudioStandard5$384.00
07/29/2208/01/22Boulder Ridge Villas3Deluxe StudioStandard5$901.00
08/12/2208/16/22Animal Kingdom - Kidani4Deluxe StudioSavanna View4$1,444.00
08/24/2208/26/22Animal Kingdom - Jambo2Value StudioStandard4$342.00
10/29/2211/02/22Polynesian4Deluxe StudioStandard5$1,653.00
11/19/2211/22/22BoardWalk Villas3Deluxe StudioStandard5$840.00