DVC Aulani Hawaii


Ko Olina, Hawaii

2017 M&T


End Date


Aloha from Hawaii! This beach-front DVC resort is located on the beautiful island of Oʻahu. Set amongst the tropical splendor of Hawaii, Disney’s Aulani is a perfect resort for relaxation and family fun. With a DVC Aulani ownership, you can experience the magic of whale watching and swimming with the turtles every year!

*Listing prices do not include closing costs or annual dues.

7AU15AAulani Hawaii100$104Dec79 points for 2016 + 100 for 2017 + 100 for 2018$10,400More info
7AU15BAulani Hawaii100$104Dec100 points for 2016 + 100 for 2017 + 100 for 2018$10,400More info
1AU48Aulani Hawaii110$104Jun107 points for 2017 + 110 for 2018 + 110 for 2019$11,440More info
1AU95Aulani Hawaii120$102Aug116 points to use by 8/1/17 + 120 for 2017 + 120 for 2018$12,240More info
2AU10Aulani Hawaii195$110Dec21 points for 2016 + 195 for 2017 + 195 for 2018, Two contracts: 160 + 35$21,450More info
2AU46VAulani Hawaii200$90Mar296 points for 2017 (200 + 96 banked) + 200 for 2018$18,000More info
5AU16Aulani Hawaii220$85Sep5 points for 2017 + 220 for 2018 + 220 for 2019Sale pending
9AU16BAulani Hawaii250$99Feb250 points for 2018 + 250 for 2019 + 250 for 2020, SUBSIDIZED DUES!$24,750More info
2AU48VAulani Hawaii345$100Apr645 points for 2017 (345 + 300 banked) + 345 for 2018$34,500More info
4AU90Aulani Hawaii350$129Aug656 points for 2016 (306 + 350 banked 2015) + 350 for 2017$45,150More info
2AU47VAulani Hawaii900$85Aug873 points for 2016 + 900 for 2017 + 900 for 2018$76,500More info
Information deemed accurate but not guaranteed.

Information deemed accurate but not guaranteed.

DVC Resale Policy

Your Disney Vacation Club points purchased on resale can be used for accommodations at all DVC resorts, as well as for RCI exchanges, Club Cordial and Club Intrawest (World Passport). Members who purchase from anyone other than Disney, on or after March 21, 2011, are not be eligible to use their DVC points to make reservations for the Concierge or Disney Collection options such as Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, or select Disney hotels. Effective April 4, 2016, Members who do not purchase an ownership interest directly from Disney Vacation Development Inc. will not have access to other DVC incidental benefits (also known as Membership Extras) such as Member discounts on dining, shopping, Member-exclusive events, and certain special Member offers. Do not purchase your Ownership Interest in reliance on access to or the ability to transfer these Disney Vacation Club incidental benefits. Incidental benefits may be limited, modified, supplemented, or terminated at any time. CHANGES TO DVC RESALE POLICY: WHAT DOES IT MEAN?



Location: Hawaii
Opening Date: 2011
DVC Units: 460

92-1185 Ali`inui Drive
Kapolei, HI 96707
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Front Desk: (808) 674-6200
Fax: (808) 674-6210

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