2015 DVC Annual Dues

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2015 Maintenance & Taxes PER POINT 2015 % Increase 2014 Animal Kingdom Villas $6.2989  +5.42% $5.9748 Aulani Hawaii (Pre July 27, 2011) $4.8940  +.011% $4.8380 Aulani Hawaii (Post July 27, 2011) $6.5100  +1.12% $6.4378 Bay Lake Tower $5.0504  +5.56% $4.7846 Beach Club Villas $5.9748  +3.18% $5.7904 Boardwalk Villas $6.0735  +1.11% $6.0067 Grand Californian $5.1483  +4.29% $4.9366 Grand Floridian $5.5216  +1.99% … Read More

Grand Floridian close to selling out?

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According to DVCNews.com, as of July 2014, DVC has now sold 60.77% of its 2.5 million points for Grand Floridian.  Disney Vacation Development will retain 2% for itself, so there are apprx 938,586 points remaining that can be sold to the general public. Get a part of the “magic” before its sold out! #8GF22B Grand Floridian 100 $142 February—112 points for 2015 … Read More

DVC Resale Market Better Business Bureau Reports

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Here are shortcut links to DVC resale companies’ Better Business Bureau Reports. Please note: due to the short longevity of pop-up companies, not all brokerages or marketing companies are listed. We are focusing on reports associated with companies that have a long track record in the DVC resale market. Click on the companies below to read their Business Review. BBB … Read More

Annual Dues History for DVC Resorts

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When you purchase a DVC ownership, you will have annual maintenance and taxes to pay to your “Home Resort.” DVC bills all owners in December for the next year’s dues (payable by January 15) regardless of the use year you own. Your annual dues are applied to a variety of vital interests, including but not limited to: Operating Expenses–Housekeeping, transportation … Read More

Why I Bought DVC Resale

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Kinn, I just wanted to thank you and ResalesDVC for all of your help during the buying process. As I have discussed with you, buying into DVC was the smartest move I have made in a long time! As the father of two daughters (19 and 13), you can imagine our need to have access to more than one bathroom … Read More

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a DVC Timeshare

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Our friends over at My Resort Network recently posted a graph of the top purchase motivations of recent timeshare buyers. The most important features were flexibility, quality, and credibility of the association. Lets take a closer look to see the top 10 reasons why buyers purchase a Disney Vacation Club ownership. 1. Overall Flexibility – You can stay for one night or as many … Read More

Which DVC Home Resort Should I Choose?

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How to Choose a DVC Home Resort

Purchasing into the Disney Vacation Club is an exciting decision but there are many options to choose from. When buying points on the resale market, you have the option to pick your Home Resort, Use Year and number of points you’d like to own. Lets take a look at the first and probably most frequently asked question by buyers: Which DVC … Read More