Important Moments in DVC History

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Disney's Old Key West

The Disney Vacation Club (DVC) has satisfied millions of customers since its inception in December of 1991. Over the years, the club has experienced countless highs and lows, which is true of any business. It does lead to a logical question, though. Which were the most significant DVC events? I originally collated a list with more than 25 options before … Read More

How To Get DVC Benefits As a Resale Owner

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Today, let’s talk about benefits. When you’ve talked about buying an ownership interest in the Disney Vacation Club (DVC), someone has probably told you that you’ll have fewer benefits when you buy via resale. The idea that some like to foster is that you’re getting less than those who purchase directly from The Walt Disney Company. They rarely mention the … Read More

Pros and Cons of Multiple Home Resorts

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2 DVC Home Resorts

Now that you’re a member of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC), you have likely fallen victim to the greatest temptation. Now that you have DVC points, you want MOAR! You probably have your eye on other DVC resorts in addition to your current Home, the place where you officially possess an ownership interest. Should you give into temptation? The answer … Read More

How To Waitlist a DVC Reservation

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How to Waitlist a DVC Reservation

You’ve done all of the planning. You’ve picked the perfect time for your long overdue vacation. You’ve earned those glorious few days in the Disney Bubble, and you know exactly which Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resort will welcome you home that day. There’s just one little problem. When you pull up the DVC website to book your room, Disney’s system … Read More