Have questions about selling your DVC? We’ve been specializing in DVC resales since 1998 and are here to help! Our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about selling Disney Vacation Club points and the resale process are below.

We are a family owned and operated Licensed Florida Real Estate Brokerage and have been specializing in DVC resales since 1998. We have an A+ Rating with the BBB without a single complaint and have successfully closed thousands of DVC sales. Jaki is an American Resort Development Association Gold and Silver award Winner for Timeshare Sales Manager of the Year. She has been specializing in DVC since 1998. Kinn Tutas has worked by her side since 2000. Between the two of them, they have thousands of successful Disney Vacation Club resale closings. Jaki & Kinn will get you the best price possible and their goal is to provide an educated and qualified buyer for your listing. They council all buyers about offering a fair market value for your ownership. Read more about us >
“Open” listing means we have to produce to earn our commission and there are no up front fees from sellers. We will provide you an Estimate of Value based on comparables, free advertising on our website and the best customer service in the DVC resale industry. There are no penalty fees for declining a full-price offer or removing your listing. Get Listed Today >
We perform a market analysis based on resort, size of contract, point availability, use year, recent sales and available listings that are being advertised to come up with the best price for procurring a sale. We will also provide weekly updates to keep you abreast of market conditions. For a DVC resale market analysis, give us a call at 1-866-544-2919 or fill out the form below and we’ll email you shortly.
Commission is 10% of the sale price and it is earned at closing and disbursed by a licensed title company. Disney will also charge a $150 estoppel fee, paid at closing. No other charges to sellers!
Closing costs are typically paid by the buyer.
No. Contracts and closing documents are sent via e-mail or fax. It is a very simple closing and we are here for the entire process.
The process of listing and selling is easy, all the work is left up to us!

  • First thing you do is give us permission to sell your membership by returning the signed “Open” listing documents found in our Seller Info Packet. You can also fill out the agreement online here.
  • Once we have received your listing documents and have confirmed the points in that account, we will advertise on our website and other outlets for maximum exposure of your listing. We also send out all new listings to over 13,000 customers via email and our smartphone app.
  • When an offer is made, we present it to you. You have the option to accept, counter or decline. There are no penalties for declining a full price offer.
  • Once all parties have agreed to the offer, we prepare the contracts and email them to you. Both buyer and seller return the signed documents to us via fax or email. We will provide you a copy of the signed buyer contract for you records.
  • We then submit all signed contracts to Disney for their Right of First Refusal. Once approved, the final documents are sent to you by the title company. If Disney exercises their ROFR, they take over the closing and all terms of the contract are honored.
  • All monies are disbursed by a licensed, bonded and insured title company in the manner you instruct.
The normal time frame is about 10-12 weeks from offer acceptance to disbursment of funds.
We have many international clients and the process is very similar. All paperwork can be handled via email, fax, and/or postal services. As a non-U.S. citizen selling U.S. real estate, you will be subject to a small foreign investment tax known as FIRPTA. With FIRPTA, 15% of the purchase price will be subtracted from the proceeds at time of closing by the title company and sent to the Internal Revenue Service for taxes due on sale of property by a non-US citizen. You can file with the US Government to receive a refund as the tax is due ultimately only on any profits.
We can have your ownership advertised as soon as you return the filled out listing documents found in the Seller Info packet or submit your listing online. To receive the listing documents and a free market analysis of your ownership, please fill out the form below. Feel free to give us a call at 1-866-544-2919 to discuss competitive pricing strategies for your Disney Vacation Club ownership. We look forward to assisting you and hopefully getting a quick sale in place!


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For more information about selling your DVC and a complimentary market analysis of your ownership, please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch with you shortly. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-866-544-2919.