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Here are the proposed annual dues for 2020 – they will not be official until after the DVC Condominium Associations approve them at the annual meeting on December 12th, 2019.

The 2020 Budgets were calculated based on the Association’s 2019 fiscal year operating experience and anticipated or known changes in costs for 2020. The estimated Annual Dues for the year January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020 are comprised of the estimated Annual Operating Budget, the estimated Annual Capital Reserves Budget, and the estimated ad valorem taxes.


The dues amounts are displayed below by resort. The total bill will be based on how many points you own at that particular resort. For example, 100 points at Animal Kingdom Villas would equate to $766.85 ($7.6685 x 100 points).

 Resort 2020 % Increase 2019
Animal Kingdom Villas $7.6685 +3.1% $7.4355
Aulani Hawaii (Pre July 27, 2011) $6.2628 +6.0% $5.9088
Aulani Hawaii (Post July 27, 2011) $8.3312 +6.0% $7.8603
Bay Lake Tower $6.5770 +2.8% $6.3994
Beach Club Villas $7.0634 +1.8% $6.9415
Boardwalk Villas $7.3650 +2.7% $7.1722
Grand Californian $6.5985 +5.3% $6.2664
Grand Floridian $6.5616 +2.8% $6.3850
Hilton Head $9.1010 +6.3% $8.5630
Old Key West $7.8363 +8.4% $7.2289
Polynesian $6.7912 +0.4% $6.7625
Riviera $8.3082
Saratoga Springs $6.7650 +5.6% $6.4041
Vero Beach $10.1257 +6.8% $9.4766
Wilderness Lodge (Boulder Ridge) $7.7808 +6.3% $7.3220
Wilderness Lodge (Copper Creek) $7.4471 +0.3% $7.4256

MEMBER TIP: Learn How To Rent Your DVC Points to Pay Your Dues

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  • Avatar Sean Dingley says:

    The cost of dues going up so significantly every year is disappointing…. and does not match inflation in any way shape or form…. 🙁

    In doing a quick search on this website using 2017 to 2020 dues, I have found that the average increase in dues across all the resorts is 16.7%, with Hilton Head and Old Key west having the most at 25.1% and 22.3% increase respectfully (HH $9.1010 (2020) from $25.14 (2017)) and (OKW $7.8363 (2020) from $6.4073 (2017))

    It would be great to see a comparison over the past 10 or 20 years… to see how the past 3 years compare… and see if there is an end goal is sight..

  • Avatar Kathlyne Walsh says:

    What can we do to stop this increase?

  • Avatar DR says:

    DVC continues to make this less and less desirable….over 8% increase at OKW, really!

  • Avatar Ruth says:

    Disney has a contract termination year problem. Raising dues and other methods may be used to make us sell. I wonder how many contracts they would need to ROFR to make many contracts longer so there would not be a mass exodus in 2042. This is far-fetched but something to think about.