DVC Vocabulary

Limited Benefit Ownership-One cannot book and travel on the Disney Collection, Concierge Collection and Adventurer Collection with an ownership purchased on the resale market.

Home Resort Advantage-having the 11 month booking window advantage for owning at that specific resort.

11 month window-The booking window for guests that own at that specific resort. 11 months from the date of the start of your planned vacation, you can book the trip.

7 month window-The booking window for non-home resort advantage members. Example: if you own at Animal Kingdom Villas as a home resort you can book the Beach Club Villas at the 7 month mark from the first date of your vacation since it is not your home resort.

If Your
date is in this month:
You can start requesting reservations for up to 7 nights at your HOME RESORT in this month
(11 months before your check-in date)
You can start requesting reservations for up to 7 nights at other DVC Resorts in this month
(7 Months before your check-in date)
January February June
February March July
March April August
April May September
May June October
June July November
July August December
August September January
September October February
October November March
November December April
December January May

Use Year-Marks the time each year when you receive a new allotment of Vacation Points. It affects when you can bank and borrow Vacation Points, and sets the deadline for certain vacation decisions. Example: December Use Year means that on December 1st of every year the amount of points purchased appears into the owner's "account", less what was borrowed and in addition to what was banked.

Banking points-Putting current use year points into the next. Can only be done up to one use year forward. This transaction is final. Banking is 8 months from the start of your use year. For example: Dec. use years must be banked by the end of July of the next year.

Banking window-the time frame that DVC members have to "bank" their points into the next use year if not being used. Once that timeline is missed, points must be used in that use year or forfeited by the owner.

Use Year Last Day to BANK points
February September 30
March October 31
April November 30
June January 31
August March 31
September April 30
October May 31
December July 31

Borrowing points-Borrowing the next use years points. Can only be done from up to one use year forward. This transaction is final.

Holding points-If a DVC vacation is cancelled less than 30 days out points go into "holding." This means they must be used in the current use year and can only be used to book a vacation 60 days in advance.

Exchanging points- DVC partners with a timeshare company RCI so that you may exchange your points into RCI and stay at one of their resorts around the world. View RCI Resort Directory

Wait List-A member can get on a waiting list for a certain type of room at a resort if it was not available initially. A member cannot have more than two active wait lists at once.

Annual Dues--They are calculated based on the calendar year, not your Use Year. The amount you pay in Annual Dues is determined by the size of your ownership interest. Your Annual Dues are due by January 15 in one lump sum or automatic payments every month.

2014 Maint. & Taxes
Per Point
Animal Kingdom $5.97
Aulani, Hawaii $6.44
Aulani, Hawaii (sub) $4.83
Bay Lake Tower $4.78
Beach Club Villas $5.79
Boardwalk $6.01
Grand Californian $4.94
Grand Floridian $5.41
Hilton Head $6.28
Old Key West $5.54
Saratoga Springs $4.91
Vero Beach $7.75
Wilderness Lodge $5.93

Expiration dates-the date that all ownerships revert back to Disney.

DVC Resort Expiration Dates
Grand Floridian 2064
Aulani Hawaii 2062
Bay Lake Tower 2060
Grand Californian 2060
Animal Kingdom 2057
Saratoga Springs 2054
All other resorts 2042