DVC Point Tutorial

Katie Siloac is a lover of all things Disney and a proud member of the Disney Vacation Club at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas. After enjoying Disney fan sites and podcasts for years she has put her Disney obsession to work at thedvclife, a website about anything and everything Disney and DVC. Katie also co-hosts a number of Disney related side projects with various members of the Disney community. Katie currently resides in Winston-Salem, North Carolina but she is looking to add a permanent residence in Orlando, Florida! 



The Disney Vacation Club is not your normal timeshare. You do not buy a week, in a category of room, at a specific resort. In fact, DVC is arguably one of the most flexible time share options one can own. The system is based on "points" with a minimum amount that is needed to buy in, and you can use those points any way you like. Now the best "bang for your points" is at the Disney Vacation Club Resorts and so that is what I'll cover here. But with your points you can use them to book through many concierge hotels, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney and exchange points through the timeshare RCI. You are absolutely not limited to just DVC resorts. 

But even if you were, it would be a value. 

So lets dive into the DVC points and find out just how to use them.

When you inquire about DVC your guide will want to know a few things: how big is your family that travels with you, when do you most often come and what amenities are you looking for? At that point they will be able to steer you in the right direction of how many points they think you will need. For the purpose of this tutorial let's go through a couple of examples. 

Alexander and Victoria Doe have two children ages 8 and 6. They have been coming to Disney World together for years and now that the children are older they are eager for more relaxing and longer trips in bigger accommodations. Since the children are in school now, the Does will have to come during the summer months. They decide to avoid crowds as best they can and decide they will be coming every year in late August for 8 days and 7 nights in a one bedroom villa. They choose to make Animal Kingdom Villas their home resort because the one bedroom villa offers a private master bedroom and bath and a sleeper sofa with another full bathroom that the kids can have to themselves. Now they understand that they can stay at any DVC resort and in any size villa at any time of year, however, they are using this calculation to buy the number of points they will use most often. They also will get home resort advantage (an 11 month booking window) for Animal Kingdom Villas so they will most always be assured the type of room they want even during the busiest of seasons. Using the chart below they see a one bedroom villa with a savanna view in late August at AKV will "cost" 233 points for the week. They don't buy that exact amount but rather a little over to allow for allocation differences, and end up with a one time point purchase of 250 points.......READ MORE