DVC Planner App & Point Calculator

A review from Dave Drumheller at Digital Disney World

"A DVC membership is a great option for serious fans of Walt Disney World, but the point system used for booking trips can sometimes be complicated and confusing. This is especially true for new members.  The DVC Planner App is a good way to quickly figure out how many points are necessary to book your vacation.  You simply choose your desired resort, type of accommodation, and travel dates and the app instantly calculates how many points you need for the trip.  It also breaks down how many points are needed for each day of the trip, as some days require more points than others.

In addition to a good point calculator, the DVC Planner App has some additional features.  First, you can save and email vacation plans right from the app.  This comes in handy to let the other members of your party follow along in your planning.  You can also export your travel dates right into your device's calendar.  Along with the planning features of the app, there are good descriptions of the DVC resorts that include pictures, addresses, and resort telephone numbers.  Finally, there is a section to input information about your membership including your member number and the DVC reservations phone number." Read the full article at Digital Disney World



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DVC Point Calculator for Mac (Free from the App Store)

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